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Organizations create internal and external data in multiple sizes, formats and systems across multiple languages at an accelerating rate.

However, 99% of this data is unusable at scale as manual search and data entry is time consuming or impossible and traditional AI models are slow to train, prone to inaccuracies and security breaches.

Why EmergeGen

Faster, Smarter, More Secure

Training Large Language Models (LLMs) requires an enormous amount of data, and parameters, often producing error-filled end results. Our sophisticated small language models (SLMs) mean faster training (minutes vs. days for LLMs), customizable for specific use cases or industries, fewer errors and heightened security.  

Built to Integrate with Insight

No rip and replace: our solution integrates with any tech stack a client uses. The focused scope of SLMs allows for customization of particular domains or tasks more easily than large, general-purpose models: such as sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, or domain-specific question answering.

Access to Intelligence for All

Our AI Super Ontology stitches the data insights from the unstructured data it has read to the rest of a client's data - allowing teams instant access to all data with a command similar to a Google search, or to serve existing intelligence platforms.

Total Data Security

The AI model in your environment is trained and learns only on your data: the data remains invisible to anyone outside of your organization, including the EmergeGen team.  Plus, our solution’s low computational needs allow on-site deployment, boosting privacy.

"EmergeGen’s AI data governance solution bridges the gap between the raw data coming into the business and the intelligent information your data management tools need, driving everything from operational efficiency at scale to the ability to identify new revenue streams with this innovative data governance tool.

EmergeGen CEO, Chris Harrison

Industry Use-Cases

We help organizations read unstructured data and tie it to structured data to support various business operations across multiple sectors.


Understand and process data with no lengthy AI training across data types to facilitate claims processing, fraud detection and support more accurate and efficient underwriting as well as data governance.

Banking and Finance

Remove manual and time-consuming AML/KYC data processing reducing compliance and accuracy risks at all levels, and access insights across unstructured data types - financial reports, market news, financial indicators, podcasts, social sentiment - in one consolidated view.

Asset Management

Increase the value of a portfolio with data discovery tools to unlock the ability to access and assess insights across an entire portfolio and improve broader data governance across individual assets - ensuring data integrity, accuracy and compliance.

How our proprietary AI data governance solution supports your business goals:


Leverage a strategic advantage by transforming unstructured data into a searchable data set - allowing your team to monetize one of your greatest assets. Make revenue, or protect it, by knowing your data better.


Through data standardization and our Super Ontology, we can create an automated approach to retrieve, map and deliver insights from data - at scale - that could open up new avenues for your business growth and protect it from compliance penalties.


Leverage the benefits of Generative AI, Small Language models (SLM) and Quantum Reference Learning in your enterprise data governance approach without the need to change your existing data stack and with zero AI training. You maintain complete ownership over your data: neither EmergeGen nor anyone else has access to your data or insights.

EmergeGen: who we are

A new era of data has overwhelmed current methods and processes - a leap forward in technology, process and governance is needed. 

EmergeGen is an independent AI-driven company with the ambition to set new data standards to enhance global data collaboration, data governance and regulatory compliance.  

The EmergeGen algorithm - our ‘Super Ontology’ - and the team we have assembled are the result of our scientists’ decades of industry experience, personal innovation, and the cultivation of a community of passionate data activists.

We’re Collibra’s Data Integration Partner

Collibra is one of the world's leading data intelligence platforms. They’ve partnered with EmergeGen to support Collibra users in preparing unstructured data for use within their platform.

Unleash the power of your data: rapidly standardize, categorize and enrich all data and serve it into your data intelligence platforms to enable analysis at scale - gain market advantage, drive customer experience and improve business compliance.

EmergeGen AI: a new generation of data governance.